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Busting The Brain With Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles often are upfront with each approach. In most mind puzzles, you do not have to worry about tricks. However, you have to follow a few simple steps in many puzzles before you can figure t........ Read More

Understanding The Mind Of The Hunter

Contrary to popular belief, stalkers are not a problem relegated only to celebrities. Ordinary people can also end up having to deal with someone following their every move and observing their daily a........ Read More

Hypnosis – 12 Steps To Acquire Mind-power

The 12 steps to acquire mind-power is intended to build positive visuals, acquire mind power and help you achieve your dreams and desires that may be as varied as improving your personality, increasin........ Read More

Free Your Mind And Check Your Credit Scores Online

When people hear that some items are sold for credit, they would leap for any opportunity that will come their way. It's not surprising to note that there are a lot of people who do not have enoug........ Read More

Terms Of Sale - Mind Your Own Cashflow

Terms of sale are what will keep you in positive cashflow. As a new business you can't afford to finance other people. You need to keep cash flowing through your business so you have to set clear te........ Read More

Trash Absentmindedness Now!

You are absentminded when your mind is absent; when you perform actions unconsciously, without thinking. There is a distinct difference between seeing and observing - we see with our eyes, but we obse........ Read More

Bathroom Remodeling: Five Things To Keep In Mind

Remember the Cosby Show? One of the running jokes in the Huxtable household was the fights over the use of the bathroom. (I may be dating myself here, but anyway…) Well, it’s pretty close to real ........ Read More

Employee With Entrepreneur Mindsets

Although I am working as an employee, but I always try my best to adopt the entrepreneur mind set. It is important for an employee to think like an entrepreneur. This way, you program yourself to thin........ Read More

Mind Power: The Healing Power Of Positive Thinking

Do you still remember the last time you was sick? How did it felt? And did it felt worse as you succumb to negative thinking as you unconsciously focus your mind on the sickness? This happens as we al........ Read More

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Timeshare

Timeshares, also known as fractional ownership, is something that has been around since the first extended family decided to save on the cost of their vacation by sharing the cost of renting a cottage........ Read More

A Depressed Mind Equals A Depressed Head

The words “mind over matter” are more than just three words randomly strung together to make something that sounds somewhat sensible. “Mind over matter” is more than just a myth, because there........ Read More

Hypnosis – A Case Of Mind Over Matter

The expression mind over matter refers to our mind’s ability to overcome a challenging situation. Giving up smoking, for example, is an ongoing mental battle between wanting a cigarette and equally ........ Read More

Online Psychology Degrees – Explore The Human Mind Online

It would an exercise in denial to try to say that online degree programs are not seen with an eye of dismissal. It is thought that the online program inherently is the product of a manipulative insti........ Read More

Why You Need A Board Of Advisors/mastermind Group

This week I’ve had a lot of discussions with people about Mastermind Groups. All large corporations have a Board of Directors to be sure the company stays true to their mission, hit their numbers an........ Read More

The Manifesting Mindset For Self Improvement.

For years we have been exposed to self help and motivational instruction that focuses heavily on the physical world. For some this has been highly effective while for others this hasn’t always been ........ Read More


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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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